Grouper dating app

Grouper is a dating app that takes the awkwardness out of traditional one-on-one dating. Instead of going on a blind date with a stranger, Grouper pairs users with two friends and arranges an outing in a bar or restaurant. This group setting allows people to focus more on getting to know each other, instead of the usual first date jitters.

The app is simple to use. After signing up, Grouper matches users with two friends of the opposite sex, who have also signed up with Grouper. Once matched, all three are asked to confirm the date and time of the outing. Grouper plans everything from there on, from booking the reservation to setting up the drinks. No need to worry about what to talk about, as Grouper also provides conversation topics for the group.

Safety is always a priority for Grouper. All members of the group must provide their identity and contact information for security purposes. Grouper will also check that the identity and contact information are all valid before the date is confirmed.

Grouper is a great way to meet new people in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. It takes the pressure off typical one-on-one dating and allows users to see if they have chemistry with someone before investing too much time or money into a date. With Grouper, singles can easily meet new people and make new friends in no time.

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